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“I literally just quoted your book in a therapy session… your book helped to reframe the perception of the client and her role in the situation!!!!”- Sheila Holly, Licensed Therapist, Former Teacher, Mother 


It is more than a book, it is also a bullying educational program


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29% feel they have asked for help with being bullied and not received it.


Yet, 85% of them still feel more empowered to communicate and ask for help upon completion. 

34.5% of youth admitted to having been a bully.


That is a 13.2% increase.


Demonstrating their ability to not only become aware of their actions but to take responsibility. 

57.6% of youth demonstrated a high level of confidence by circling 9 or above out of 10 when asked how prepared they felt in handling a bullying situation

That is a 24.3% increase. 

 65.2% of youth demonstrated a high level of confidence by circling 10 out of 10 when asked how well they understood what bullying was. 

That is a 30.9% increase. 

After completion of the Bull-i-ed Program

 Youth have been empowered through Social-Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, and Life-Skills Training. 


Percentages are averages of all completed programs

**Excludes Canyon Breeze and Desert Horizon

Statistics include data from

Revised 7/17/2018

94.6% feel bullying education should be taught in schools 

61.6% of assessed youth have been bullied

91.1% feel the skills and approaches taught will help them better manage conflict cruelty, and bullying 

89.8% of youth had an understanding of what self- and social awareness are. 

That is a 27.2% increase. 

50.7% of youth demonstrated a strong sense of safety from bullying by circling 9 or above out of 10.

That is a 9.8% increase. 

 **80.2% of youth circled 8 or above out of 10 when asked if this program helped them learn to be better decision makers.

52.4% of those answers were 10 out of 10. 

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