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What is Bullied About


        Bullied is a book that aims to revolutionize the way we look at bullying. Its intention is to inspire a new conversation around bullying that considers alternate perspectives.  The book explores the varying definitions of bullying and strategically analyzes each participant’s perspective and role in a bullying event. When we remove the villain from the bully, the victim from the person being bullied, and the excuses from the bystander, we begin to see a clearer image of the situation through a less emotional lens. This well-rounded book fortifies its concepts of empowerment, awareness, choice, and responsibility through real life experiences.


Bullied is much more than a book. It's a movement. 


There are always two sides to every story


So why aren't we listening?

What is the Bullied Educational Program


        The Bullied educational program was inspired after several conversations with two principals based upon the needs of their students. There was a consistency in their answers, "We need follow through". They didn't just want a presentation. These principals wanted something more than just a flash of inspiration. They wanted a program that would provide a lasting impression. It is the first and only of it's kind in Arizona. 


       This positive youth development programing fully integrates the six components of Social Emotional Learning (SEL), focuses on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and incorporates Mindfulness. It is comprised around teaching students empowerment, choice, responsibility, self- & social-awareness, and other valuable life skills. The program has 3 main packages and is completely customizable to accommodate budget, time restrictions, or other desires. In the 3 1/2 month all-inclusive "Suzie Package" the students first receive an initial introductory presentation accompanied with copies of "Bullied: It begins with the 'i'" and worksheets for each of the chapters distributed to each student. The teacher is to engage in a brief conversation each day to review the worksheets. The initial presentation marks the beginning of an every other week cycle for 6 more follow-up workshops. This is when the magic begins to happen. I build relationships with the students. I clarify that I am there to teach them life skills, to help them be better people, to help their difficult lives become easier, and to give them a voice when they often feel silenced. Students learn concepts like the difference between a moment of conflict and bullying, how to effectively communicate, be aware of their emotions, how to manage their emotions, the importance of the bystander, internet safety and cyber bullying. 


      The students are engaged as each presentation is fully interactive. It always makes me smile when I walk on campus to be greeted with big smiles, a friendly welcoming, and wide eyes absorbing the information. The recommended grade level for this POWERFUL and LIFE CHANGING program is 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. 


      Words can not describe the energy, the built relationships, and effectiveness of this program. Experience provides wisdom since it is our greatest teacher. To see previous program results and data, click here. 



*Click here to contact me get a copy of the price sheet for having me, this book, and this empowering educational program positively impact the culture and minds of your students.


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