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What are people saying about the book?

"I absolutely loved this book!!! As a therapist, former first grade teacher, and mother of four, I found myself constantly saying yes yes yes while reading it!!! I plan to go back through it and highlight and underline the key points that should be shared with both parents and students that I see in therapy!!! Thank you for such a thoughtful and insightful book!!!" - Sheila Holly, Licensed Therapist, Former Teacher, Mother 

"This book is empowering and a good read for all (educators, parents, and young adults).  As an educator of 15 years, I always strive to help mold well rounded individuals with a healthy respect for learning, themselves, and others.  The author’s perspective on the importance of self-awareness in order to help change the impact or outcome of all involved in the bully cycle is inspiring!" - Maria Wheeler, Teacher (Kindergarten) Desert Horizon, Mother 

"It (Bullied) changed my life and my future parenting plans, and I can't wait for its ripple effect to spread!!!" - Jenna Lee Dillon, Editor

"As a former teacher, I realize bullying is an epidemic that does warrant significant attention. Jason Lalli’s book “Bullied” takes a comprehensive look at the roles that the bullied, bullies, and bystanders play and contains helpful definitions and anecdotes. Each section contains reflection questions that could be used in upper-elementary and middle school classroom discussions. “Bullied” will help young adults realize that even if they have been bullied, they don’t have to be victims, and how they can reclaim their own power by standing up for themselves, creating boundaries, learning effective communication skills, and developing self-love.." - Alexa Talamo, Former Teacher, Investigative Reporter

"My 13 year old daughter is reading this now after I read it and recommended it to her. I absolutely love how he puts emphasis on taking the power away from the bullies and focusing on not being a victim. As a mother who has watched her child deal with physical, emotional and cyberbullying for years, it is tough to bear witness. We have to change things when it comes to this subject and this book helps us do so. Highly recommend it." - Brooke Osheel, Mother, Bullying Activist

"Every child and parent with children should read this book. Lalli gives remarkable insight into one of America's greatest public school challenges today. Having the ability to recognize the root causes of bullying and obtaining the tools to respond meaningfully can save a child's future and how he/she sees and feels about his or herself. A must read by a foremost expert who brings forth his personal experience and passion." - Jer Pate, Father & Entrepenuer

"The message in this book is so inspiring. Instead of treating bullied people as victims this book shows how they can make choices to empower them and not have the victim mentality. The author also gives a lot of insight as to the position of the bully and especially what we can do as bystanders. Most importantly, he teaches ways to help prevent bullying situations before they begin! And, hopefully those who are bullied know they can and should continue to ask help until help is given. I would highly recommend this book for kids, teens, educators, and people in the workforce in management and leadership positions." - Tara Berrett, Teacher

"I love how the perspective and stories in this book perfectly illustrate the different ways that bully, bullied, and bystander can work together to solve conflicts and interrupt the cycle of bullying. I only wish that this resource had been available when I was learning these lessons the hard way!" - D.D. Hill, Mother

"Jason does a phenomenal job at explaining the cause of bullying which is the lack of AWARENESS and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE in all parties involved. This is a great book for students, teachers, coaches, mentors and families. It starts a brand new conversation on how we treat people, view people and shows us how living in a "victim" state of mind always keeps us powerless and voiceless. Please give it a read and help bring more awareness into this world." - Joey Bellus, OPT Fitness

"I just have to say what a powerful 1st chapter. By that chapter alone I can already feel my own mindset becoming more aware. You're an amazing writer!" - Jesenia Ruiz, Mother

"...I would like to discuss your book, Bullied. It was a great read. The defining of roles, perspectives, and stories all come together so well. With the help of your book, the students and I now have an understanding of the difference between conflict and bullying, and realize the importance of an active bystander. Also, with your lead, we have had conversations and writing assignments to instill this movement in them. Students are now able to recite their choices when faced with varying situations. You have supplied them a key tool in their 'life toolbox'..." - Anthony Quezada, ELA Teacher (7th Grade) Desert Horizon

"Our world would be a better place if all children read this book. I applaud the author. An excellent perspective that promotes positive self-awareness. I wish this book was available when I was a child, but the lessons apply to my adult life as well. A must read!" - Catherine Ivy, Founder & Board President - IVY Foundation

"I think every teacher out there from kindergarten to 12th grade should have a copy of this and it should be highlighted for key points that seem like they will work. Proud parents should have a copy too if their children are still in school, and think their child is being bullied or is bullying.

I had my fair share of bullies in grade school up till high school. I hardly ever bullied but I knew it was wrong and I only did it because I was bullied. I think it's also fair to say that this book helped me to understand not only why, but how I let this happen. Point blank I gave away my power to be the positive role.

It also helped me to realize that I sometimes bully myself...doubting my abilities, overlooking my accomplishments, the list could go on...
Plain and simple its a must read for the bullied the ones who choose just watch and do nothing, and those doing the bullying.
Very well written.
!" - Gene Miller

"After reading this great book by Jason, I took three words away that described the powerful message all students and young adults should understand regarding the world we live in today and in particular bullying. Responsibility, Awareness and Understanding all are points that Jason elaborates on in Bullied to emphasize the importance of this topic. Being a college student, I believe there is a lot of merit in teaching all students the powerful influence a positive attitude has on any child's life and Jason does an incredible job of reiterating the best ways to make this possible for all children in this book. I would recommend this book to anyone and especially teachers and parents. Excellent book Jason." - David Fox, College Student

"Great book for young adults to read. I love the fact that author gives all parties involved the ability to take responsibility for their part. I believe this book should be in all classrooms and should be mandatory reading" - Jeff Bolton, Father

"Awesome read! This book definitely succeeds in it's aim of providing alternative perspectives and inspiring new conversations on the topic of bullying. First, what this book does not do: it doesn't delve much into the scientific research behind bullying, and it does not offer a comprehensive approach to stopping the bullying epidemic. However, what is DOES do is provide 1) a basic theoretical framework to analyze the concept of bullying, 2) thought-provoking insights into the nature of bullying based on real-life experience and examples from the author's life, and 3) inspiring words of wisdom on how we can each be empowered, more aware, take responsibility, and choose how we want to be a positive force for change. A great contribution from an inspiring changemaker in our community!" - Colby Jeffers, Motivational Artist

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